Four Ways Solving Riddles Can Improve Your Job Performance

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Although they have a reputation for rhymes and silly punch-lines, riddles can be more than just an amusing diversion for children. Long riddles requiring more sophisticated reasoning can pose a challenge for even the sharpest adults, and they offer more than just the satisfaction of finding the right answer. Riddles push you to both think creatively and process information logically, and making a habit of solving them could have a noticeable impact on your job performance.  Rewarding Attention to Detail When you read a long riddle, it isn’t always clear which details will matter and which are there to lead you down the wrong track. You will need to keep track of the information given to you to find the real solution, but you may initially struggle to hold all of the relevant details in your mind. As you practice and solve more puzzles, you should find it easier and easier to recall the information that you’ve read without needing to go back and scan it again.  Demanding Creative Thought All too often, people end up in a mental rut at their job. Whether you are filling out the same forms every week, taking the same orders, or running the same calculations, most work gets boiled down to a formula eventually. But when you get locked into this kind of thinking, you may not be able to recognize a creative opportunity when it appears. Riddles force you to think beyond the routine solution to a problem and instead find the clever one, helping you rise above mere adequacy in your career.  Encouraging Persistent Problem-Solving Often, the right answer to a riddle isn’t the one you arrive at first, but only found after exploring a few different lines of reasoning. Many people will throw up their hands and walk away after the first few failures, but if you persist, you can learn from your mistakes and work your way to the solution. By teaching yourself to not get frustrated with a wrong answer, you may be able to improve your critical thinking and brainstorming skills in the workplace as well.  Making Self-Improvement Amusing Most professionals look into self-improvement at one point or another, but few stick with it long enough to see real results. Riddles are fun, varied, and can test a variety of logical skills, meaning you may be less likely to lose interest or become frustrated while practicing with them. If you want to improve your mental functioning without getting bored in the process, it may be wise to keep a book of long riddles stashed in your desk for your lunch...

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Pub Trivia Tips To Help Build Teamwork With Your Staff

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Hosting work events outside of the office is a good way to foster camaraderie between your employees. If you can combine the event with something that is likely to be enjoyable for everyone and that also provides a chance at team building, all the better. This is where a trivia night at a local establishment could come into play. The following tips will help you plan the perfect office outing. Tip #1: Check age restrictions Trivia nights are often held in bars, which means that only employees that are over the age of 21 can attend. If you have a few employees in the 18 to 20 range, you can call around to find a bar and grill that hosts a trivia night and that also offers family seating areas. Some bars also have event rooms that are all ages, which your staff could use during the trivia event. Since alcohol will likely be consumed by the adults at the event, it isn’t a good idea to host this type of employee party if your office has any minor employees. Tip #2: Know the times Pub trivia is often a weeknight event at bars, since it is designed to bring in customers on slower business evenings. This means your staff will need to be at work the next morning. This is both beneficial and a challenge. Since the next morning is work, most employees will avoid over-consumption of alcohol. On the other hand, make sure the event wraps up at a decent hour so that everyone has time to get a good night’s rest before work the next day. Avoid events that run until closing time, since this can be well after midnight. Tip #3: Float the bill As the employer, you should budget for at least a portion of the bill. This will also help you control consumption. There are a couple of different ways to handle this in a bar environment. You can use a standard drink ticket system, which means that the employer is covering a predetermined amount of well, wine, or draft drinks. Another method is to prepurchase a certain amount of pitchers or bottles of wine for your table. Regardless of how you decide to handle alcoholic beverages, you should allow unlimited nonalcoholic choices, such as tea or soda, since this will offer alternatives for those that don’t want to over-consume. Employee pub trivia nights can be a weekly or monthly occurrence, as you see fit. Competing together as a team far from the office can help make your staff stronger, which both helps work performance and decreases employee turnover. Check out events like Trivia Nation for more...

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Summer Birthday Party Ideas For Your Child’s Celebration

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Birthdays are often a fun time for small kids when they know they will get presents, cake and attention from all of their friends and family. If you have a child with a birthday during the warmer months of the year and are looking for a way to celebrate in style, here are three birthday party ideas that may help. Backyard Bonfire Does your child like the outdoors? If so, there’s no better way to celebrate a birthday than with a night under the stars, from the comfort of your own backyard, of course. But don’t just stop after you have the standard camping equipment set up; build a fire pit in the center of the party area. As the host, you can provide food items like marshmallows, graham crackers or hot dogs and the children will be able to make their own food right over the fire. Just make sure there’s adult supervision at all times, especially if the kids are younger. Ice Cream Party There are few foods that scream “summer” more than ice cream. If your child especially enjoys this treat, consider setting up an ice cream bar or buffet for your kid and all of his or her friends. Call the parents of the other children in advance and try to have everyone’s favorite flavor ready to go. You can even take your kid shopping with you and let him or her help pick out which toppings to buy. Water Fun Is your child and his or her friends looking to blow off some steam? There are few better ways to do this on a hot summer day than with a bunch of water guns and other related items. There are all kinds of directions you could go with this so be sure to involve your child in the planning process. You could split the children into teams and let them battle each other with water guns or balloons. If you want a less hostile approach, set up a water slide and let the kids have at it. Birthday parties can provide some of the best memories of childhood for parents and kids alike. If one of the above summer birthday party ideas doesn’t float your boat, consider getting professional help. There are likely local companies or performers in your area who specialize in making these days special for everyone involved. Reach out today for more information. For an event location, contact a venue such as Azales Event...

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Easy Games To Keep Your Children Engaged On Bus Tours

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Taking a bus tour with a large group is an ideal way to see a new area without having to worry about doing the driving duties yourself. Whether the tour focuses exclusively on driving past notable sights or will be stopping at various points along the route, you might be choosing to travel with your young children — and you may be unsure whether they’ll be interested in the proceedings. While it may not be a huge concern if they’re not fascinated with what they’re seeing out their windows, you don’t want them to distract you or the other passengers. To avoid the risk of this problem, get busy before the tour putting together some ideas that you can use to keep your kids entertained if necessary. Traffic Checklist Traffic checklist is a straightforward game that’s simple for kids of many different ages to play. While at home, compile a long list of items that are easily seen while on the road — a fire truck, church, bridge, person pushing a stroller, cyclist and other things of this nature. Print one list for each child and if they’re starting to lose their attention span on the bus, introduce the game. Kids will have a blast looking for each item and crossing it off with a pencil or crayon. The first child to complete his or her list is the winner. Spot The License Plate Children with a sharp eye will enjoy carefully watching the license plates of passing motorists and trying to see how many different states they can spot. While it might not be practical to think about seeing a vehicle from each state during the bus tour, your kids should be able to put together a decent-sized list over the duration of the experience. This game is best for children who can read, of course — and is a valuable way to keep them engaged for a long period of time. All you’ll need is a pad of paper and a pen for each child. Sign Rhyming Many children who enjoy rhyming and are able to read will enjoy the sign rhyming game. Point out a sign to the children as it passes and see how many words they can rhyme with a key word on the sign. For example, if you drive past a “Stop” sign, have the children go back and forth with words such as “plop,” “drop,” “shop” and so on. Hopefully your child will be entertained by the tour, but if not, these games are a great way to keep them occupied. Look for interesting tours offered by companies like Open Loop New...

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Things To Consider When Looking For The Perfect Piano

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Buying the proper piano can be a pretty daunting task, especially if you’re doing so for the first time. However, with a bit of research ahead of time, you should have the ability to end up with the perfect piano for whichever purpose you intend to use it. Here are some things to consider when choosing a piano: The primary purpose of the piano If you are planning on purchasing a piano for your home, for a student to practice on, or for simply playing for pleasure, you can focus on locating a piano that is simpler, and lower in cost. You could possibly locate a used model in relatively good shape from a private owner. On the other hand, if you’re seeking a piano for more business or professional purposes, such as for a school, a nightclub or similar location, then you will likely want a higher quality model, such as a Bosendorfer. This type of piano is top-notch, with rich history and an even richer sound. While these pianos are more expensive than your average choice, they are also top choices among piano owners. Used vs new It doesn’t matter if you decide to purchase a new piano or a used model, because you can find high quality choices in any condition. The key to finding the perfect used piano is to check it out thoroughly before purchasing it. How do you scrutinize a piano carefully to ensure it’s in excellent condition? The soundboard is an important area to begin with. This includes checking to ensure that the ribs haven’t become damaged or unglued, because this could result in undesirable vibrating and buzzing sounds. You should also inspect the bridge, because once damage has occurred in this area, it is likely to worsen. If you’re not sure what to look for, then a piano expert can check it out for you, ensuring that everything works optimally. An expert will be knowledgeable of proper tone, treble, and other necessary components in order for your piano to be fully functional. Additionally, ensuring that your purchase comes with a warranty is recommended. Brand new pianos almost always come with warranties, or you can purchase one if one isn’t offered automatically. Used choices come with warranties, too, provided you purchase one from a reputable dealer who has restored the piano to like-new condition. Finding the exact piano that meets your needs in every way can be a difficult process, although it doesn’t have to be. Visit a piano seller like Las Vegas Pianos today with these tips in...

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